Top Stroller Accessories for Ultimate Convenience and Safety

    A stroller with an umbrella attached to it

    Taking your child for a walk can and should be fun. However, just as you know it, the weather turns bad, or you realize that you don’t have everything you need at arm’s reach. This can quickly turn a great day into a stressful one. Stroller accessories can be your insurance, they help you be prepared. With the right accessories, you can protect your child from the sun, rain, and cold, keep them comfortable, and ensure their safety.

    In this article, we will look at different types of stroller accessories available on the market. We will look at weather protection accessories like rain covers and sunshades, comfort accessories like footmuffs and cushioning, organization accessories like diaper bag attachments and stroller hooks, and safety accessories like reflective strips and stroller locks. We’ll discuss the benefits of each accessory and what to keep in mind when buying them. So, let’s dive in and explore how stroller accessories can make your walks with your child even more enjoyable and less stressful.

    Weather Protection Accessories

    There are plenty of stroller weather protection accessories on the market. Depending on the season, these accessories can help ensure your child stays dry, cool, or warm. Below are some of the most popular weather protection accessories:

    Rain cover

    A rain cover is perhaps a must-have accessory. It helps keep your child dry in wet weather conditions. A rain cover is really easy to attach and remove. You can either get a universal that works with pretty much all strollers, or one from the manufacturer of your stroller, which likely will be a little more convenient than a universal, since it is made for your stroller. When buying a rain cover, make sure the size is right for your stroller. If you go for a universal, keep in mind it is not guaranteed to work with every stroller, but they work with most. We have mainly used universal ourselves and never had any issues. Although, in our experience, the universal are of noticeably lower quality and must be replaced more often than those from stroller manufacturers.

    Note that a rain cover is excellent when it is windy as well. We often use our when it is just windy and not raining.


    A sunshade helps shade your child from direct sunlight. It’s particularly useful during hot weather and can help prevent sunburn or overheating. When buying a sunshade, the main challenge is to ensure it will work with your stroller, as well as the level of protection it provides from UV rays. Of course, if you get one from the manufacturer of your stroller, which may cost a bit more, you don’t need to worry about whether it works with your stroller.

    Note that there are also stroller umbrellas, which can be used to protect against the sun. These are quite nice in that they are flexible and can block the sun just where needed.

    Winter kit

    A winter kit consists of several accessories to help keep your child warm and comfortable during cold weather. It may include a footmuff, a blanket, and even a windproof cover. The benefits of a winter kit are that it helps your child stay comfortable and protected during winter. Typically it can be used for multiple seasons (mainly thinking about your child’s growth here, and not quality). When buying a winter kit, consider the level of insulation, the size and fit of the accessories, and whether they are compatible with your stroller. You can of course buy everything separately rather than in a kit/package.

    Comfort Accessories

    Comfort accessories can make your walk much more pleasant for you and your little one. Here are a few popular comfort accessories:


    A footmuff is a fantastic accessory to keep your baby warm and cozy while out on a chilly day. For winter they might be a “must-have”, hence we mentioned them also under “weather protection accessories”. They are specially designed to fit stroller seats, ensuring maximum coverage for your little one’s legs and feet. Some even feature a detachable top, allowing you to use it as a blanket. When buying a footmuff, make sure it fits your stroller model.


    Stroller cushioning is a great accessory that provides extra padding and support to your child’s back and neck. It can help reduce the impact of bumps and uneven terrain. It also enhances the ride experience for your child, helping them settle in for a comfortable nap. When buying cushioning, consider the type of material, thickness, and compatibility with your stroller model. Note that there are also some with a breathable 3D mesh, which helps keeping your child a bit colder when it is hot. Our baby loved using one of those.

    Cup holder

    A cup holder is an underrated accessory that can make your stroller ride much nicer. Some cup holders can also hold a phone, keys, or snacks, providing extra storage space. When choosing a cup holder, look for one that fits your stroller model and securely keeps your drink in place.

    Organization Accessories

    Being organized is your best friend when things get stressful. A screaming child, a nappy change that can’t wait, and lots of people around you. In this situation, you’ll be grateful not to add searching for things on top of that.

    Stroller Hooks/Clips

    Hooks and clips let you hang bags and other items on the stroller. They can be used for anything from grocery bags to your child’s favorite toy. Look for sturdy hooks and clips that won’t slip off the stroller handlebar.

    When using these, you must ensure to do it safely. Hanging a heavy bag in the wrong place could make your stroller less stable or even tip over.

    Safety Accessories

    Some strollers are already fully equipped with safety accessories, such as reflective strips. But these can wear out, or perhaps you want to go a little over and beyond, since we’re talking about safety after all.

    Reflective Strips

    Reflective strips is probably the most important safety accessory, especially if you plan to take walks at night or in low light conditions. They make you easier to spot for drivers, which can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

    Stroller Lock

    Perhaps not much explanation is needed. Strollers can be expensive and therefore attractive to steal. You don’t need lock specifically designed for a stroller necessarily, but can use a normal bike lock. Just make sure that it works with your stroller. Generally, it is nice to pick a quite long lock, as it might be hard to lock your stroller to something otherwise.

    Safety Wrist Strap

    Some strollers come with these. They let you attach yourself to the stroller, so that you don’t accidentally lose it, for instance when walking downhill. When choosing a safety wrist strap, make sure it’s high quality and adjustable so that it can fit comfortably around your wrist.

    Remember, safety accessories are just one way to help protect your child while you’re out and about. Always follow the safety guidelines in your stroller’s manual, and use your best judgment when it comes to your child’s safety.


    Investing in stroller accessories is a great way to enhance your stroller’s functionality, convenience, and safety. When making a purchase, it’s important to consider compatibility with your stroller. Stroller accessories can be a small investment that significantly enhances your, and your baby’s, safety, comfort, and well-being.